Our first home ❤️

We bought a house! It’s still so crazy to me. We wrestled with the idea of home buying for a while but I’m so glad we decided to do it. Everything seems to have been meant to be and we had the best experience imaginable! 

With Carlos being in the military, we’ve always known we’d move every few years so we didn’t think it made sense. After a year of spending about 1/3 of our paycheck on rent we decided we needed to do something else. With our mortgage we’re paying about $400 less than we were paying in rent! 

We religiously checked Zillow and other real estate sites for months leading up to the time we would actually start looking just to get an idea of what we could get at our price point and where. I chatted with a real estate agent friend who gave me some wonderful tips on how to get started (thanks Shiana!) and led us in the right direction process wise. 

However, things changed when a friend from Carlos’s work mentioned she was selling her mom’s house which was completed renovated. Here’s where the meant to be part comes in!

We went to check out the house and loved every square foot of it. It was spacious but not open concept (which I prefer), updated, has a beautiful backyard, and has maple hardwood floors! It wasn’t on the side of town I preferred, but after searching and not finding anything close to comparable, it was a no brainer.

Susan (the seller) has a friend who works with a lending company so we got preapproved through him for exactly what we wanted at an awesome rate. We also used the VA loan so we didn’t need any money down! 

She agreed to pay all the closing costs and offered us a 1 year warranty. We payed a $500 retainer fee only. Then we signed the contract! What’s crazy is that we signed it on the anniversary of the seller’s mom’s passing, at the exact time. Crazy, right?!

Following that was the inspection which we paid around $300 for. The inspection went great! There were no major issues and we proceeded from there. Today, June 22, 2017 we closed on our home! 

We were so nervous going into the process but everything fell completely into place. The process could not have been easier or more stress free or more meant to be. We are so grateful for God’s blessings in our life  and cannot wait to see what the future brings. 


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