Reflections on the first 6 months of Odin

I can’t believe Odin is 6 months! The past half year has gone by so quickly. So many sleepless nights, tears, laughs and smiles. Having a baby has been the biggest change I have ever experienced in my life, and the best one! I have never felt happiness quite like this. The feeling of waking up to sweet baby smiles every morning is absolute bliss.

I remember the day my pregnancy test was positive, less than a month after my wedding and the third day into my last semester of college. The fear and uncertainty mixed with curiosity and excitement. How I felt when I looked at my husband while we heard the heartbeat of the being we created for the first time. How sick I was, and how tired I was. And the impatience I felt waiting to know if we would have a little boy or girl. Then how fun it was to decide what we would call him. The feeling of being “over it” in those last days, wondering and fearing what those contractions and a natural birth would feel like.

I remember how I felt in Odin’s first days and how it felt to hold him for the first time. The relief I felt after having a wonderful, natural birth. How sweet he smelled! How tiny and fragile he felt in my arms. I cried almost every day thinking about how he would never be this small again (thanks post partum hormones!) The immeasurable, incomparable, overwhelming joy of holding my new sweet baby in my arms and seeing my best friend become a father. Just 5 years before we were two high school kids flirting after football games and now we had our own family. I remember how I felt when I realized my baby actually looked more like me than I ever thought he would. I always tried to imagine what my baby would look like, and knowing was so much better. The anxiety I felt laying down every night to go to sleep hoping and praying that he would still be breathing when we woke up.

I remember his first intentional smile, his first giggle and how tears filled my eyes with joy when I heard it. The excitement I felt when he first rolled over, grabbed a toy, put something to his mouth. The sweet baby babbles he made when I sang him the song I sang to him while he was in my belly.

I remember how badly breastfeeding hurt at the beginning until one day it felt like nothing and was so easy. Now he practically helps himself! He loves eating, and I love the comfort nursing brings him. I’ll miss it do much when he’s done.

6 months is such a joy. I love seeing how curious he is and watching the wheels turn in his head. He rolls over any time I put him on his back and pushes up onto his toes to a plank! He smiles at his reflection. He’s loving his daddy more and more, and looking more like him too. He smiles at almost everyone he meets, and wants to chew on everything. And he’s getting into my food so we’ve started feeding him what we eat! He sits up without using his hands or needing to be held. He splashes in the tub and hates laying down in it. He wants to move on his own so badly. Soon little one! I just know once he’s able to crawl and walk we won’t be able to keep him still!

His personality is so obvious now! He is feisty and dramatic just like me! He loves attention and being cheered for. He prefers his mama over anyone. He’s curious and friendly like his daddy. I’m betting (hoping) he’ll have his charisma too!

I can’t believe how big he is and how he’s almost triple his birth weight! It’s such a joy to be his mom. Now we are officially close to 1 than to 0 which is as exciting as it is heartbreaking! This kid is such an absolute blessing. I am grateful everyday for his health and that he’s hitting all of his milestones so quickly and easily. Parenthood is quite the adventure. Love you so much Odin Abel.

❤ Kailey


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