Weekend highlights + Odin’s 2 month update!

It’s always so nice to have my hubby home on the weekends. He’s a nurse so his schedule is varies, which means some weekends he’s sleeping during the day so he can work at night and some of those days are on the weekends. But this weekend I had him all  weekend!

The weather Saturday was SO beautiful. I’m loving the cool breezes and the fact that I can wear jeans without dying. We finally got out of the house at 1pm (not impressive) and went to walk around in the town center which is all outside. It’s already decorated for Christmas and I’m not quite sure how to feel about it. In their defense Thanksgiving is this week so its pretty much Christmas time. By the way, how is it already Thanksgiving?!

IMG_5388 (1).JPG

I fed Odin in public for the first time without my nursing cover. I was a little nervous but it actually felt pretty natural and no one gave me weird looks! We stopped on a bench to have a pomegranate which I am completely obsessed with lately. Not only are they yummy but they’re also so beautiful.



This kid sleeps anywhere!
Sunday we went to church in the morning. We still haven’t mastered being on time. The last time we went we were 15 minutes late and the same thing this weekend. Maybe I should just accept my fate that I will never be on time again! I love our church because there are so many wonderful people who truly care about seeing us and Odin. There are also 3 other babies born within weeks of Odin! I’m so wanting a community of mommies to hang out with because it’s really challenging going through this alone. I google every possible thing because I want to make sure I’m not the only one in the world experiencing things. So I’m excited to have other moms to talk to and have little “playdates” with our little ones.

We also went to the Museum of Science and History with my mom to see the body exhibit which was pretty cool.

My little family ❤
OH YEAH. Odin is 2 months today! The first month went by SO fast but this month was actually really slow which I’m thankful for! He’s gained weight so fast which makes me super happy because as a vegan people criticize a lot and worry that it’s not healthy for me or my baby. Clearly I’m doing something right!


My sweet boy ❤ can we just take a moment to enjoy the thigh chunk?! Something about  chunky baby thighs just melts my heart. This boy LOVES. TO. EAT. I mean seriously. And I really love nursing him. It’s just such a special time between us where our bond can grow and we can continue to feel close now that he’s outside of my belly *cries*. It’s so sweet how he recognizes me and Carlos now and is smiling and cooing. I love seeing him develop and learn. His personality right now is very sweet but also serious. He restless like his daddy and loves to be busy. He likes to look around and observe the world.

Mama loves you sweet boy. Never grow up ❤

Until next time,


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