My first post

My first post! I’ve considered for a while what I might write about and instead of struggling to come up with something I can’t narrow it down!

I guess I’ll just talk about why I’ve done this. I LOVE to read blogs; I love reading them TOO much. It waste so much time on blogs it’s not even funny. Why? They can be entertaining. They’re educational and informative. And most of all I feel like I get to participate in the writer’s life! How cool is that? So I guess I assume that other people like that as well or blogs wouldn’t be so popular, right? I used blogs throughout my pregnancy to read about other women’s experiences and I use them now to read about other women’s transition into motherhood. I love reading about other’s struggles, successes and joys, and now I get to share mine with the world as well.

I also love food! Blogs are great sources for finding recipes. I look forward to sharing recipes I’ve tried and enjoyed (or hated). I also love to cook, bake and come up with meals on my own and I’m excited to share those with people interested in finding healthy, vegan meals.

I’ll also be sharing my progress pictures from my fitness/ health journey postpartum as well as pictures of Odin as he grows.

My life since becoming a stay at home mom has definitely  changed from the busy, self focused life I previously led. Its crazy to think that just a year ago I was a senior in university, a sorority woman, had just returned from study abroad, and was swamped with assignments and working nearly full time. I would open my Lily Pulitzer planner to see nearly every day filled with events/ assignments/ work shifts/ workouts/ etc. and feel so accomplished. Now I’m lucky if I shower in a day (so gross). I struggle now with finding peace with being content just keeping my mini human alive when most of the time I feel like I’m not doing enough. This is a big reason for starting this blog. I want to put this out there for other women who’s dream was never to be a stay at home mom but who couldn’t imagine doing anything else. My dreams when I was younger were focused on being successful financially and career- wise, not being a wife and a mama. However, things really fell into place as life moved on. I love being married to Carlos and taking care of my baby boy. But now I have to figure out my plans from here!

Okay- enough babbling for now. I’m so pumped to start sharing my life with whoever may find it interesting. If you stop by leave a love note in the comments!

Until next time



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